Are you dealing with large datasets? Are they provided by several sources?
Are they be sparse? Do they take different shapes?
Thus, it is not always easy to deal with them, right?

On IntentPlatform, all operators, service and device providers can connect
to share and spread data and services to others.

IntentPlatform can manage various types of data



 collaborative asset bases
shared by everyone

Connected things

Connected things

devices, sensors …
and their data



track the relationship you have
with your occupants



model, track and manage
your contracts



healthstate and activities of lifts, boilers, ventilation systems…



maintenance checks, repairs, operations…



feedback and reporting of issues and incidents

Other data

Other data

We regularly add new kinds of data to the platform

Extensive features to manage information

Make the most of your data thanks to IntentPlatform.

Connection services

Setup and manage the access rights of your associates, occupants and business partners.

Interface densely and securely your professional softwares (ERP, CMMS, CRM, …).

Incorporate the data from your connected things and devices.

Data hub

Reference your asset base according to your structure groups: agencies, buildings, dwellings, equipments…

Ensure the quality of your data thanks to control and error detection tools…

Collect and visualize operational data from your buildings and equipments.

Share easily and securely your data with your business partners.

Communication center

Setup notifications and alerts based on events, data crossing thresholds, incidents… over several channels and connected devices: text, email, mobile push…

Track issues and requests sent from users, and their resolution over-time by your associates and business partners.

Post content towards your occupants, associates and business partners.


Get access to all what IntentReady suppliers can offer: data, apps and services for business use.

Select services intended for your customers.


Define, setup and refine the optimal service level you want to deliver with your services offer, depending on your concerns, activity and expectations.

Customize and review the key performance indicators of your contracts.

Watch the quality of the traded data and the health state of your connected things.

Track your services and tools use.


Access all the platform’s features through web services.

Use our document resources to develop your own user interfaces for your own use, or for your clients.

Our protocols are widespread standards for easy start : REST, OAuth, JSON…

Turnkey apps

Available on web, mobile and API, for your associates, field-based staff and clients, to quickly get you started with the first few use cases.

Software as a Service
hosting, maintenance, updates…
all included.

For quick roll-out, continuous improvements and cutting edge services at a fixed price,
IntentPlatform and all of its features are distributed in a SaaS model
hosted on the cloud.