Whether you manage properties, buildings or houses.
Whether you supply services to asset managers.
Whether you make or manage connected devices.
Whether you build software.

IntentPlatform can support your digital strategic growth
and optimize your products and services use.

You are responsible for managing assets and properties.

Everyone has been talking about the benefits of data.
But facing big data challenged, it is not always easy to follow through.
With IntentPlatform, master the streams of information from your assets
and develop a coherent digital strategy including field-based relationships
with your partner ecosystem.

Supplier relationship

I can share real time data from my softwares connected to the platform with my suppliers, so that they can optimize their processes. I can share data from my asset and equipment bases, contact information, reports from the occupants, maintenance operations, orders, billing information... They can even update those so I can always have all the most up-to-date information.

Services for occupants

I can select and offer services dedicated to the occupants: home care services, building news, incident reports, repair requests, energy consumption watch, hyperlocal social network, smart home devices, housing insurance...

Field-based staff

I can provide my field-based staff with real time information about the properties through a mobile app. They can more easily interact with the office-based staff, but also the suppliers and the occupants. They have access to a large panel of information: maintenance requests and tracking, human-supplied meter reading, equipment failures, home care...

Service Level Agreement

Contracts agreements can be tracked and their relative data can be shared among my associates and the field-base staff, to provide the right level of service to the clients.

Equipment performance

I can optimize the water boiler replacements thanks to activity use data from the equipments and the dwellings, to replace the less efficient boilers.

Home care assistance

I can offer home care assistance to my customers. While ensuring data privacy, IntentPlatform allows secure information sharing between insurers, home care providers, technical services providers and my field-based staff.

Lower service charge

I can lower my service charges by 10% with the heating company installing temperature sensors to watch the confort levels in a fraction of the dwellings. I can then share the information to partners that could benefit from it: heating companies, field-based agents, call centers, 24/7 staff, engineering agents.

Costs reduction

I can reduce the operational costs due to ventilation or heating issues (maintenance, complaining, excess heating...) by several euros per year per dwelling, by monitoring my equipments with sensors and share the data to my service provider so that they can do preventive and even predictive maintenance.

No one left behind

IntentPlatform can be connected to the information systems of medium-size and big businesses but small businesses are not left behind. They can be connected through IntentReady software solutions.

Consumption activity data

I can watch the energy and resource (water, gas, electricity, heat...) consumption activity data, thanks to the interface my service providers have built with IntentPlatform.

Real time operations follow-up

My customer relationship management center can access the information about the operations on my assets. The data is gathered on a real time basis so my staff can answer precisely to my clients' requests and questions.

You provide services
to property managers

Roll-out your services and expertise through IntentPlatform,
while preserving your brand identity, to increase their use and innovate.

Customer feedbacks

After my staff has completed the repair operation, I can learn more about the satisfaction level of the customer. The users can receive push notifications on their mobile to request a feedback. Everyone does that, I also can!

Mobile apps

I can deliver digital services through mobile and tablets to my field-based staff to make their interaction customers easier and richer. They can know more about equipment failures, flood alerts, operation planning, calls and reports from customers...

Field-based staff effective travel

I can communicate the next visit date directly to the occupant or the property manager through the communication center. I can also give them the possibility to notify me in case of absence. So I can reduce the unnecessary travels.

Positively impact my client's processes

I can make heat cost allocation easier for my clients. Thanks to data provided by the heating company and those from the heat cost allocators, I can determine the allocation of costs for my clients.

Shared KPIs

I can share key performance indicators to my customer so that we can manage the contract together: preventive maintenance progression, theoretical vs actual consumption comparison, failure rate, customer satisfaction...

Building activity data

I can gather activity data from my buildings to adapt and deliver the right level of service I want to: maintenance operations, failures, calls received, occupants' satisfaction, temperature...

M2M and IoT networks

I can benefit from the growth of the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) networks. Whether I want to go through Sigfox, LoRa and Mobile data, IntentPlatform is compatible to them. I can choose the most adapted network, depending on my needs, the coverage, the costs... for each of my application needs (smart metering, control and command, realtime...).

Device installation and monitoring

I can watch the installation of devices, then monitor their use and health. At any time, I can know the health state of all of my connected devices: battery level, network connectivity quality, firmware... so I can optimize their uptime.

Specific algorithms

I can develop and distribute quickly my specific algorithms, thanks to third party provided data.

You make, distribute or manage connected devices

Connected things such as sensors, robots and devices bring news services and features to stakeholders in the smart building world.
Increase their use by make easier their setup, installation, monitoring and data sharing.

Activity data sharing

I can share and let other IntentReady businesses build on the data from my equipment.

Enriched data

I can have access to data relative to my equipments' activity but also on the context of their use.

Device management

Thanks to device management tools, I can prepare the installation campaign of my staff, easily pair devices to the platform and monitor the activity of various devices and sensors.

Plug n Play

Those who want to connect my devices to IntentPlatform can do so very easily. This way, they can focus on rapidly developing services based on my hardware solutions.


My smart home solution can easily fit in an existing interface chosen by the client, thanks to the IntentPlatform APIs.

You build software or smart solutions

Interface them to IntentPlatform to offer your customers
more feature and native interoperability
to a growing network of partners.

Sales growth

I can accelerate my sales strategy when connected to large client and supplier bases already IntentReady compatible.

Enrich your solutions

I can get access on data shared on the platform to complete the solutions I have and enrich the interfaces I provide to my clients.