About Intent Technologies

Since 2011, we are a team of passionate and dedicated men and women
working towards connecting the smart building ecosystem
to develop useful and meaningful services
and bridging the gaps between the business partners and their clients.

Our skills

Business & Marketing

Fearless, creative and full of energy. They are good listeners,
they raise issues and build useful solutions.
Our sales team loves coffee, travelling by train and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Opérations & Support

They know the real issues of the real world better than anyone.
They ensure the quality of service until the last inch and live by customer satisfaction.
Things work thanks to them!

Research & Development

These are the company’s invisible workers. This wonderful team works for the needs of the market on a daily basis. They think the product and build it. They know the platform better than anyone else and dedicate themselves to its improvement.

Interested in joining the team?

Come and meet us!